Books & Beauty

As many of you know, I am hosting a book drive in order to create a library for the 500 Yazidis living in Serres Camp. I have attached the much requested wishlist with a small selection of both books and beauty products requested by the women in Serres.

Our residents have survived a cruel genocide in the hands of ISIS. They have experienced the purest form of hatred and violence in this crisis. Even after all they have endured, they are living in tents with harsh winter conditions approaching. Our library will help fill their days, as their is currently no schooling and minimal services provided.

The women and girls continuously ask us for books, and our team at Lifting Hands International is determined to make our vision for a library possible in the camp. I am asked over and over again for new books. When I ask the girls which books they would like, they eagerly anser, “any books!”.

I have put together a list of requested books, as well as some other requested items for our women’s space in the camp. This is just a handful of books titles and authors I have collected, so please feel free to send more books in Arabic or Kurdish my way. Children’s books in English also appreciated, but I do have people sending these over already.

All shipments must arrive by November 17th. Please PM me for my address in Arizona.

Our number one requested activity in the women’s space is beauty days. We paint nails, straighten our hair, put makeup on one another, and build a healing sisterhood along the way. If you feel inspired, you are welcome to not only purchase books for our women, but also beauty products to spruce up our Beauty Saturdays.

More info on requested books: The residents are eager to learn English, and many have requested Arabic to English dictionaries to make this possible. Other language learning boooks also appreciated for our daily English lessons. I have found a few books by the requested authors, which are on the wishlist. In addition to the wishlist, the girls LOVED the Harry Potter series we were able to bring to the camp. They have read the books, and would love to read more series geared toward a similar audience / age group.

For those asking about English books… Children’s books and beginners books for adolescents most appreciated.

Please avoid books related to RELGION or POLITICS!

Click here to view our wishlist!


I can’t thank you enough for making a difference in the lives of these Yazidi survivors. Help us remind them that the world has not forgotten them.


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