Park Update

After a fight in the park last night, the police evacuated the park. Some chose to go to the camps, and other scattered around the streets other small parks.

We were shocked when we arrived this morning to an empty park with 300 falafel wraps! Our friends started to come around, and they took us to a squat, and to other families resting in small patches of shade throughout the area.

We were surprised at how many people we found while accessing the area. We distributed 250 bottles of water and 250 falafels. We’re now returning to distribute wipes for sanitation, as I haven’t seen this level of skin integrity issues before. We will then distribute the extra to falafel wraps to the young children for dinner.

Please keep these vulnerable refugees in your hearts today. I pray for a peaceful night of rest for each of my friends here. Their hardships continue day after day, and they deserve the support of the world around them.

Donate now to help us continue to provide relief to these homeless refugees in need:

3 thoughts on “Park Update

  1. Hello, just got on to your blog, and read the latest post. I am wondering which city you are currently in? on the tab about “your project” your talk about Lesvos, but I am wondering if you have left the island or is what you are writing about happening in Mytilini?


    1. Thanks for your message Katah! You inspired me to make all the necessary updates, and the ‘your project’ page now reflects our current situation. We are now in Thessaloniki supporting the refugees on the streets. We will soon be establishing a healing space for women in one of the camps here in Northern Greece. Thanks again for checking in!


  2. Hello, thanks for writing back. I had not seen your answer. We are on the north coast of Lesvos (we have been for the last couple of months) and we are headed to Thessaloniki, August 15. we hope we can find a way to connect with you at that time. you are doing such amazing work, I just read your last post.


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