Deterioration Before My Eyes

Being immersed in the suffering is such a complexity of sorrow and join, frustrations and blessings, injustices and compassion. Some days are full of heart opening experiences, while others leave me wanting to hide from the world around me. My first night back in the camp was one of those whirlwinds…

I felt nothing but joy as I heard my named being called throughout the camp. “Molly, Molly! Come, come, we miss you!”. My heart melts as I am embraced in one hug after the next.

Moments later, I began to see the deterioration before my eyes. The sewage water rising from the earth beneath my feet, the children jumping through unknown puddles. The trash piling up around the camp as the dumpsters are overflowing. I see my breath before my eyes as the reality of winter sets in. My toes feel the effects, even through my double layer of socks.

I am amazed by body’s ability to feel such strong highs and lows within moments of one another. The Yazidi community continues to inspire me with their ability to carry on with such love and compassion. They inspire me, fill me with hope, and certainly ensure I am well-fed. I dream our community will be provided with humane conditions… And I pray this day comes soon.

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