Action Packed Time in Iraq

I’m feeling grateful as I reflect on the action packed time in Iraq. Thanks to the community surrounding our efforts we were able to bring much needed relief to ISIS survivors, orphans and other vulnerable genocide survivors.

Our days were spent:

-Building 1 cement structure for ISIS survivors and paying for 5 more to be built this week.
-Purchasing and distributing 13 large family food parcels.
-Purchasing and distributing 30 family hygiene kits.
-Providing financial support for an ISIS survivor who escaped captivity last week.
-Sharing dolls made by Yazidi women in our Community Center in Serres.
-Purchasing 2 refrigerators and crisis relief for fire and genocide survivors.
-Distributing 800 solar lights.
-Sending thousands of solar lights to be distributed in Shingal.


THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to this community effort. I look forward to sharing more stories and photos in the days to come!


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