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MK4Refugees | Molly & Kyle’s Fundraiser

We are Molly and Kyle, a young couple using our voices, our freedoms, our rights to serve those less fortunate around the globe. It is our life purpose to serve our brothers and sisters, as we see us as all being part of one global family.

Our lives were forever changed when the violence of ISIS touched us on a deeply personal level. Since then, we are no longer able to watch the violence and pain of our world from a distance. We have spent the past six months serving, fundraising, and advocating for the refugees. We have helped the boats arrive safely on the beaches of Greece, volunteered in camps across Greece, shared yoga and meditation workshops, supported a women’s center in Istanbul, and gave presentations in America on the current crisis.

We are currently in Thessaloniki, Greece supporting the refugees living on the streets. We are also in the process of settling in one of the camps in Northern Greece in order to establish a healing space for women.

We feel incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to serve humanity. I am you, and you are me. We are in this together… And together, we can make a difference!

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