Pure Desperation

We stood outside Moria Camp, home to 4,000 refugees who are trapped on the island. It has been awhile since I have experienced pure desperation quite like this. The needs on the mainland continue on a different level, but the needs here are needs for basic survival. We passed out rain jacket after rain jacket to people … More Pure Desperation

Time of Transition

Walking through the camp this morning was a sweet, yet eery feeling. The train raced by as the few residents left scavenged through the deserted tents. The excitement in the camp is wiped away, as most of the children have been moved to the new temporary sites. The residents will be hosted in hotels until … More Time of Transition

Books & Beauty

As many of you know, I am hosting a book drive in order to create a library for the 500 Yazidis living in Serres Camp. I have attached the much requested wishlist with a small selection of both books and beauty products requested by the women in Serres. Our residents have survived a cruel genocide … More Books & Beauty

No Life…

Today another Yazidi friend told me she and her infant will return to Iraq in the coming days. “I go Iraq. Baby go Iraq. Papa in Iraq. Money finish. Unan (Greece), no life.” My heart sinks each and every time I hear these words. All I could do this time was wrap her in my … More No Life…