Project Greece Update

We may be far away, but our efforts with Lifting Hands International in Greece continue. I coordinate and do what I can from afar, but we are incredibly grateful to have a dedicated team holding the fort down while we are in Jordan. The team continues to amaze me with their dedication, flexibility, and patience.


The Yazidis we serve were recently transitioned from hotels back into the camp setting. They are now living in isoboxes with beds, a mini-kitchen, and their own bathroom. I am relieved to see them in humane conditions after witnessing the harsh reality of the camp last summer, fall, and winter. The living conditions have improved, yet there are still many gaps to fill.

Organizations are not currently being permitted into the camp, which means there is no official distribution of hygiene necessities, no activities, and no educational offerings within the camp premises. Our team’s distribution of produce, hygiene, and dietary supplementation continues with support from our Yazidi volunteers, Help Refugees, and the warehouses in Thessaloniki.


Our team stays fluid in order to meet the biggest needs as the situation in Greece continues to shift. Our classes, activities, and other offerings now take place in the beautifully shaded park next to the camp. German lessons are in full swing with two teachers, an experienced yogi leads our trauma sensitive yoga program, daily activities are offered for the children, women enjoy weekly beauty gatherings, English lessons continue with our skilled and educated volunteers, and our music program is steady with the Shropshire Foundation and other LHI volunteers.

As the situation continually shifts in Greece, our commitment to meet the needs and to care for the well-being of the 500 Yazidis we serve continues to flourish. We stand with them, and remain committed to making their lives in Greece a little bit easier.

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