The Realities of the World

As I sit on the shore line of Chios, the realities of the world run through my mind. The sound of the small waves reaching the shore of this Greek Island soothes my soul as I look across the Sea. My view is of the inhumane living conditions of over 500 refugees stranded on the island. They are living in summer tents with nothing but big UNHCR tarps thrown overtop.
I feel a whirlwind of gratitude and joy for the life I have been blessed with, yet must acknowledge the guilt that continues to lie within. I have to ask myself, how did I get born into this life of freedom, this life of privilege? Why are these human beings in my line of sight getting punished for being born in a different country than myself? For running from the bombs that fall from the sky above their homes? For risking their lives in order to provide a life, a future for their children?

Volunteering has always come natural for me. Service, long hours, pushing myself, all doable. When it comes to slowing down, contemplating, reflecting, I tend to struggle a little more. My biggest challenge is wanting to give the world to each beautiful soul I meet.

My tears fall when I think of the unfair, unjust reality of those I spend my days with. It is easy to get lost in the suffering, the injustices of our society… For me, I always return to my anchor in moments like these. If you know me well, you know my anchor is gratitude. Gratitude for life, for the breath that we breathe, for the gentle sound of waves crashing on the coast. Gratitude for the souls I am blessed to meet, for the challenges I face, and for the moments of joy shared with those around me. ❤

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