Pure Desperation

We stood outside Moria Camp, home to 4,000 refugees who are trapped on the island. It has been awhile since I have experienced pure desperation quite like this. The needs on the mainland continue on a different level, but the needs here are needs for basic survival.

We passed out rain jacket after rain jacket to people standing in the rain, who were clearly drenched from head to toe. One man showed me his jeans. He pointed and said, “I need pants for rain”. I looked down at my shiny black waterproof pants from Cabelas. How could I do anything other than take off my outer, waterproof later to give to this gentlemen. I have a warm home to go dry off in tonight. He does not. Losing the waterproof layer made the reality  of these folks resonate deeply. My legs were cold, my entire body was cold.

This sweet man used his umbrella to cover both Hayley and Kyle from the rain after we completed distribution.

Moments later distribution was finished.  One guy looked at me and Hayley and said, “I have a dream. My dream is to sleep in a room. It is a dream that will never happen, I will never sleep in a room.”

These survivors of conflict and traumas have made it to ‘safety’, only to be welcomed to cold, wet, tents. How can this be? How is that they have been in Europe for months and months, yet the continue to sleep in a tent?

Next thing I knew, over a dozen children under the age of ten came running to the entrance of the camp. I looked at these beautiful kids and wanted to give them the world.

Driving away from people in need is never an easy thing to do. The men were so desperate for warmth and dryness that they ran after our cars as we drove away. We pulled off the road to regroup, and moments later we saw them running toward us. My heart sunk as a feeling of defeat and helplessness arose from within.

After refilling the cars at the local warehouse we headed to No Borders Kitchen, a squat that houses around 200 refugees. We quite literally walked into darkness. I yet have words to process what we saw, but will do my best to share soon.

I am grateful we were able to distribute the boxes of jackets, blankets, and sleeping bags from the Attika warehouse. Please help us continue to fill these gaps:



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