Time of Transition

Walking through the camp this morning was a sweet, yet eery feeling. The train raced by as the few residents left scavenged through the deserted tents. The excitement in the camp is wiped away, as most of the children have been moved to the new temporary sites. The residents will be hosted in hotels until the camp is prepared for the harsh winter conditions. I am incredibly grateful to close this chapter, relieved our friends are being welcomed to warm, humane  conditions at last.

A tear drops as I think of the excitement that brewed when the camp first opened, the celebrations, laughter and joy we shared between us. The friendships and bonds created are deeply rooted in each one of us. I am eager to learn how we can best continue to serve this special group of Yazidis we have grown to love so immensely.

Thank you all for the hugs, the tears, the trust, the meals shared, and the memories made. I love each and everyone of you, and am forever grateful for all that you have brought to my life. You have opened my heart, shown me what strength and compassion really mean, taught me the value of supporting those around me, and have even exhibited the ability to feel joy no matter what is happening around you. You will be in my heart always. ❤️.

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